Nancy Beverly

Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for being selected t master mind with you raymond & other selected students. I apreciate being pushed to clarify focus on necessary changes for real growth. Thanks also for dinner.

Here’s to deeper insights & directories going forward. Top 1 % why not me?


Rence Jarvis – NY

Mike: Glad you can (error)

Event: Window to amazing new possibilities generosity of faculty to share ideas & wisdom. this make me feel overwhelmed that these people have organized this event & shared this with me. It’s the freatest thing that has happened to me in over 10 years I don’t know how I got aligned with ony 140 people in the NYC only to be part of this, but thank God!


Ed Reilly – NY

I really likes the concise nature of Mike Warren’s presentaion. His spokenness was a big plus.

Overall, the event gave so many oppotunities to see just what i have been doing with little or no tangible result,


Eva L. Sturchio – NJ

Mike Warren Teaching style
Event A lot of useful information
No sales pitches
learned a lot


Geo Sullivan – NY

Value of virtual assistant in my business.


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