Bobby Emeric – New York

I liked your idea sharing outsourcing details which will free us up to focus what’s importan in our businesses. Your style & message relly helped me to view differently. The event was very enlightening.


Sandra Maepherser – Ontario

What I like about you being able to be vulerable by telling your failure- extent of grat back on feet-life goes on.

What I like about the event
Variety of speakers
humor in delivery
The obvious is simple
Access/ Being able to invite others.


Thomas M. (error) JR – NY

What I like about Mike Warren gave useful advice that I can implement in my business immediately

What I like about this event the incredible information taught by incidibly successful business people

It amazes me how (error) always delivers on quality of speakers.


Nitsan Gaibel – MA

I like Mike’s personal sharing of history. What events (error) his deeply and formed his reactions and behaviors; and his process choosing to change.

(error) spent has given me specific points I can take home and execute tommorrow.


Molia Chapman – NY

Good speaker lots of good information helping me to think out side the bbox learn a lot about branding.


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