R. Vanyur – California


Instructive and beneficial to any of us who recognize, appreciate and follow your path toward helping, benefiting and resurrecting site spirit, vitality and profitability of worthy business owners, who can be thankful for having the “opportunity” for strangers to come in their struggling business and help turn it… and then… into that higher level of “profit making success” they always knew they could achieve.


K. Havens – Ohio

The prospect of buying, growing and selling businesses was explained in easy to understand terms. I can see myself doing this for many years to come.


Francky Londa – New York

What I like about Mike Warren:
I like your patience and persistence. I like the stuff you have been sharing to us.

What I like about this event:
I like this a lot. It’s been an amazing seminar.
I got somuch of it.


Honey Beneregde – New Hampshire

I found Mike to be a source of very specific way to go to the next level in business – be it outsourcing, specific ways to build brand, to negotiate, to use technology or to step by step improve my ability to deliver excellence.
I liked that the event did not try to sell me anything, but worked on a blue print specific to my situation.


Carmen Heredia – 940 St. Whalos Avenue NY 10032

I like everything.
I want to be in touch with all of you. You are great supporters. Thanks for everything.
I want to have the opportunity to know you.
I know my life will be different. My business are going to improve.